A Hotel…In Space?

While sitting down for a quick brew and a catch up with the paper, I came across an article written by Stephen White that I wish to share and express a slightly heated view on…

If you want a break that is out of this world, here is the hotel where 12 days cost a cool £6.8Million, the Aurora Station will orbit the earth every 90 minutes, 200 miles up and is due for launch in late 2021 with the first guest arriving in 2022.

It will accommodate four holiday-makers, who go through three months of training, and two crew members who will be former astronauts, Frank Bunger, who founded development firm Orion Span in the US, said “We are launching the first ever affordable luxury space hotel”.

And with a 12 day stay starting at £6.8Million, the price is far lower than previous orbital tourists have paid, from 2001 to 2009, seven private citizens took a total of eight trips to the International Space Station, paying £21Million each time.

Orion Span is building Aurora, which will measure 43.5ft by 14.1ft, in Houston. It is not known how the guests will get to the hotel as Orion Span has yet to reveal its launch partners.

But the Orion Span is so confident in its project it is already planning ahead to launch and link more units. Mr Bunger added “our vision is to sell actual space in those new modules, we’re calling that a space condo”.

Other firms, including Axiom Space and Bigelow Aerospace also aim to launch commercial space stations.

What part of this mickey-mouse project is in anyway fucking “Affordable” to the average vacationer, yes – can’t you just see all the larger families’ queuing up to spend their hard earned pennies on such a trip.

Let’s call this project for what it is – a hotel for the fucking mega-rich – they’re the only bastards that are going to be able to afford such a journey, the rest of us are lucking to earn a fraction of that starting price.

And I swear – the dude to think up this hair-brain scheme must have watch Equilibrium with Matt Damon one to many times, was the movie a vision of the future, all the wealthy, chosen ones living on some space station while the rest of us mere mortals are left with whatever is left on earth?

Is this where it starts – although it has to be said, there are a few people we’d like to see the back off – Donald Trump needs to sign up for a start!

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