A Statement Outside The Realm of Stupidity

“Life doesn’t offer you what you want. It offers you what you DESERVE”
“The best way to have what you want is working on to DESERVE them all”

To say we are not having a good time of it as of late and we have been stressed beyond belief, we thought we’d drop in on some relaxing music on YouTube, this music was live and something to sooth us over considering our depression and ever decreasing mood, scrolling next to the screen was the channel’s chat, people can come and hang out, to relax and we noticed and we have to say we took exception to one individual stating that “life doesn’t offer you what you want. It offers you what you DESERVE”

Now, forgive us if we go on a bit of a rant here but are you fucking serious, life offers what you deserve, of all the fucking stupid things to say, when exactly did you last look out the fucking window, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, what exactly did people do to deserve that, trying listing all the bad things people have to put up with or that has been done to them and you’re telling us they deserved it.

Well shit…let’s think of a few examples, we have murders, rapists and paedophiles, three of the worst things that can happen to someone in our humble opinion and your fucking telling us that shit happens in someone’s live because their life offers them what they deserve – you utter fuckwit…but ok, maybe our examples were of the extreme category, let’s try something else.

Now this next example actually covers something else this individual stated, they said “The best way to have what you want is working on to DESERVE them all” ok – so let’s see, you have soldiers, risking their life so you can have the freedoms you enjoy, do you deserve them, you didn’t really work on earning them, that’s what the soldiers did and yet many are left homeless, they risk everything for us and they don’t even have food, do they deserve that?

But maybe we’re going about this the wrong way here, we’ve looked at it from lives of people that are effected so let’s jump over to the individual point of view, one who’s “working” on “earning” money that they “deserve”, this individual decides to rob a bank, remember they’re earning this money, granted they’ve shot a security guard and three bank staff who all had families and didn’t do anything to earn this fate but we’re looking at the individual here and by the original statement that’s pissed us off they earning on what they deserve.

Are you seeing a fucking pattern here, on how freaking stupid your statement was, we really are getting the belief that this guy wants to a little wise old man from some far off mountain village, where the raindrops offers eternal youth and the livestock shit rainbows, what this individual needs to do is get the fuck off his podium, come back down with the rest of us mere mortals and get a fucking reality check.

And yeah, people will say we’re being picky here, that we’re using bad examples of stuff that happens in people’s lives, we say but it does happen in people’s lives, use the old expression “hope for the best, plan for the worst”, sure the statement they used could be applied to anything good and prove the statement true but you can’t use it to do the same for anything bad so by default its makes the statement utterly retarded.

Now we’re not mentioning names on who gave the statements, we give our opinion on something we saw said, right or wrong in your eyes it doesn’t matter, this is our opinion but either way thank you for visiting the Asylum – rant over!

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