To Become A Vegetarian…Do We Really Need unwanted Help…Thanks Bro!

There are many vegetarians in the world and some, at one point were in fact meat eaters just like the rest of us but there are many ways to help us give up our favourites like chicken, lamb, beef and even duck and I, to my bad luck found an effective remedy.

I had no plan on giving up the fact of being a carnivore but thanks to my brother, I almost didn’t get a choice, between him and his pets I almost came to the verge of crossing the line and becoming a full blown vegetarian and losing my lunch in the space of a hour.

The problem on that day’s agenda was to locate a strange smell in my brother’s kitchen and to put it bluntly it was coming from behind the kitchen worktops, the addition of another problem was that we couldn’t get at whatever the offending culprit was due to the worktops being one solid unit.

Therefore, we were forced to reluctantly do some DIY SOS, and drill holes in the bottom of the worktop cabinets before jig sawing our way through to tackle our main concern, when the problem was revealed, that was about the time I happily turned things over to my brother for clean-up after all I did the DIY.

The culprit, as it turned out, was his pets, namely two ferrets, who, thanks to my brother’s generosity in the form of cooked chicken, had decided to stash it all under the kitchen worktop and then proceed to forget about the bloody stuff.

The result was months of stored chicken, rotting away with a tad more than just a few dinner guests in the form of a maggot and a lot (and I do mean a lot) of the little bastards extended family, I mean, I don’t know about you people but I seriously don’t think cooked chicken should pulsate when it’s been roasted, I swear I could have whistled and the fucking thing would have been shuffling its skinny ass towards me.

Between the smell, visual aspects and my brother’s verbal description whilst cleaning up was enough to have me vowing to dine on vegetables for the rest of my life but thankfully after my stomach settled it might be just a case of missing chicken for the next seven to eight…years.

I forewarned my brother of this blogs pending construct and he was even nice enough to offer the option of taking a picture of the problem for my featured image, thankfully and you can all be pleased here, I am not that cruel to my followers…and I can’t even say I was thankful for the option…sorry Bro!

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