Blackout movement “fails”

We here at the Asylum at MajorMadness couldn’t believe the report dropped on our desk last night as a “blackout” protest was planned and rather executed poorly we might add, but it basically requested women to alter their profiles on social media.

Women were asked to protest against domestic violence and spread awareness of the issue by replacing their profile pictures with a completely black image and leave then the social media platform for 13 hours.

This was apparently meant to make men wonder where all the women went but people we have to ask, are you out of your minds, we mean you have to be nuts, lets us put it another way, exactly how (if you have suffered domestic abuse) does blacking your profile picture and fucking off for 13 hours help raise or spread awareness?

Who the fuck come up with this idea, for Christ sake people, now isn’t the time to remain silent, we need women to speak out not vanish on social media and this supposed “disappearing act” to make us men wonder where all the ladies went – listen it doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist to work out that men are fucked if there were no more of fairer sex around, ok – that’s a given.

Listen, this whole domestic abuse/sexual harassment thing is already a preverbal house of cards balanced on a knife edge as it is, we don’t need bullshit “blackout” movements trying to silence the women of the world…you need to stop with that shit!

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