Congratulations To The 2017 Eurovision Winner: Portugal

Congratulations go to Portugal, the 2017 Eurovision champions, who’s had to wait fifty-three years to have the honour of lifting the trophy, they performed 11th with Salvador Sobral and his song called Amar Pelos Dois.

They won with the shows new system that’s been put in place, getting most points from both the judges and viewers votes. They topped the table with an amazing 758 points, beating Bulgaria who came second on 615 and Moldova, who came third with 374 points, the heavy favourites were in fact Italy, who came sixth with 334 points.

A special congratulation does go to the United Kingdom entry, Lucie Jones singing Never Give Up On You, who had a great showing, performing 18th, did the UK proud and comes home with a final placement of 15th and a final score of 111 points.

Our top thee favourite songs (regardless of singer or country and excluding our UK entry)

1 Cyprus – performing 19th with Hovig singing Gravity
2 Hungary – performing 8th with Joci PaPai singing Origo
3 Bulgaria – Performing 25th with Kristian Kostov singing Beautiful Mess

Final Table Results

 Portugal 758
Bulgaria 615
Moldova 374
Belgium 363
Sweden 344
Italy 334
Romania 282
Hungary 200
Australia 173
Norway 158
The Netherlands 150
France 135
Croatia 128

Azerbaijan 120
United Kingdom 111
Austria 93
Belarus 83
Armenia 79
Greece 77
Denmark 77
Cyprus 68
Poland 64
Israel 39
Ukraine 36
Germany 6
Spain 5

UK Votes (Public)

01 Point: Hungary
02 Point: Italy
03 Point: Belgium
04 Point: Sweden
05 Point: Croatia

06 Point: Moldova
07 Point: Romania
08 Point: Portugal
10 Point: Poland
12 Point: Bulgaria

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