Criticism On Social Media

It’s mind boggling and frankly disappointing to see that we have become a society so afraid of the people around us even criticism on social media cannot be tolerated, if one like, laughs or loves someone’s post on twitter or Facebook everything is alright.

But the moment anyone says anything negative or offers criticism, it’s motherfucker this and ass hole that or you obviously don’t care about what the post contains, hell – we’ve even had a few fucks reply with race comments, some people – hit their fucking pride and they play the fucking race card.

Oh am sorry I thought we had the fucking right of freedom of speech but apparently not for a few jackasses in the world, as they instinctively get angry, if you can’t take criticism get the fuck off social media, any friend that wants to play the race card at the drop of a hat shouldn’t be friends with you for very long. If you have any amount of common sense, they’re just not worth the hassle.

Don’t think your alone in this, we’ve done it too, we’ve dropped friends from our list because we can’t put up with their bullshit drama, the world has enough problems in it and is fucked up enough without having fuckers bog down our day because they can’t except fucking words their dumb asses are currently reading on a monitor screen.

Instead of giving people shit with your racial fucked up words, we’ll give you all three options to make everyone’s life better, delete the message you don’t like, don’t post your shit or get off social media…pick one!

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