EBay Scam Artist: Jewelry-box2012

Yes, in the thousands of users of EBay that sell their items to the equal number of users that buy, for the first time we have ran afoul of a scammer, you never think it would happen to you till it does and for me it did, a younger family member of mine and I are huge puzzle fans, not the flat, horrible, multi-shaped abominations you can get 500 pieces and up in boxes, no we’re talking puzzle boxes, puzzle locks and that type of thing.

And it was my younger family member’s wish for such an item for Christmas, I brought a number of puzzle boxes for him for his own collection and the one I was most interested in failed to turn up and all it was, a simple wooden puzzle box with a secret drawer and it was ordered July 30th, when I brought the item I knew it was coming from China and knew that it would be roughly 38 days give or take depending on the postal service but I had a modest collection of puzzle boxes and such in my own collection, all coming from China and they all got to me just fine so I wasn’t worried.

When the “parcel” turned up, bang on time, to say I was unimpressed was an understatement, the parcel being so tiny, it was either the world smallest puzzle box or they’d they had made a mistake, we naturally took it to be the latter of the two and went to contact the seller, what they had sent me was four small plastic pen caps, not lids for pens but the actually caps of the back of the pens, you know those cheap packs of pens, their like 20 for £1.20 or something, where you can unscrew the black caps to replace the ink but however which way you want to take the description, it wasn’t a puzzle box for my family member for Christmas.

Explaining all this with photo evidence (like someone could make this shit up) to the seller, it was decided to resend the item, it would be an inconvenience but be in plenty of time for Christmas, so 38 days later – no parcel, make contact with the seller, resending for a third time to the point it’s now a complete joke, it’s gotten that bad that we thought enough is enough and asked for our money back, made the request twice all we got back is that their investigating and will get back to us and that was on December 17th.

As they have obviously scammed me out of such a small amount, the money I’m not really bothered about, what bothers me is my family member saw the puzzle box and really liked it and I wanted to get him it for Christmas, that’s what pisses me off, another thing that I was displeased about is EBay itself, you see – once 28 days has pasted since your estimated delivery date, you lose the chance to raise a case with EBay about not getting your parcel and lose the chance to even leave feedback.

This is something I didn’t know, we’ve used EBay for years and this was the first ever time I had a shameless scammer on the other end but EBay doesn’t tell you these thing’s so as we’re out of pocket of both money and parcel thanks to Jewelry-Box2012 we thought we’d give everyone the warning.

If your parcel doesn’t arrive by the date given, give a day or two for postal error, you must raise a case with EBay that your parcel hasn’t arrived, a few sellers will ask you not to do this but this action doesn’t put a black mark against the seller it simply tells EBay that’ there’s a problem and somethings gone wrong, this makes EBay aware of a problem and your covered if you find yourself out of pocket, like me – as my scammer has no intention of returning our money and as a simple scam artist, who has caught me out for chump change we can do nothing beyond this point

So remember raise a case should your parcel not arrive and if you see your seller named Jewelry-Box2012, just you watch out!

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