Jailed For Expressing Opinion

In a world of societies, with any parent with two brain cells, we are taught to treat any woman equally, to be treated with respect and no different from their male counterparts, Saudi Arabia continues to prove that they are still once again unwilling to join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

In a world of societies, with any parent with two brain cells, we are told that we have freedom of speech where we are allowed to say what is troubling us, to question illogical madness, Saudi Arabia continues to prove that once again one must learn to as ones told or face harsh penalties.

The following report I found contains proof that speaking one’s mind can be detrimental to one’s health but please read for yourself, my blog will continue after…

Start of report

Saudi Arabia jails man for saying men shouldn’t control women

A Saudi man has been jailed for one year for calling for an end to the Muslim kingdom’s guardianship system that gives men wide controls over women, local media said Tuesday.

The man, who was also fined 30,000 riyals ($8,000) by a court in the eastern city of Dammam, was convicted of “inciting to end guardianship of women” in statements he posted on Twitter and in public posters, the Okaz daily said.

He was arrested while putting up posters in mosques in Al-Hasa district calling for an end to the globally unique system that subjects women in the ultra-conservative kingdom to male control.

During questioning, police found out that the man was also behind a wide online campaign to end the guardianship, the paper said.

The defendant admitted pinning up the posters in several mosques, saying he solely launched an “awareness campaign” after finding that some “female relatives were facing injustice at the hands of their families,” the daily said.

Thousands of Saudis signed in September a petition urging an end to the guardianship system following a Twitter campaign which the court claims was launched by the defendant.

Saudi Arabia has some of the world’s tightest restrictions on women, and is the only country where they are not allowed to drive.

Under the guardianship system a male family member, normally the father, husband or brother, must grant permission for a woman’s study, travel and other activities.

Activists say that even female prisoners have to be received by the guardian upon their release, meaning that some have to languish in jail or a shelter beyond their sentences if the man does not want to accept them.

End of report

This is ludicrous to the extreme, one man’s opinions have now landed him in jail for speaking out against a practice that has been proven to be nothing short of lunacy since time immemorial.

Now while I have nothing against Saudi Arabia’s beliefs or religion even I must question the madness of not treating women with respect and dignity I have seen reports of women being shot for simply leaving the house without a male relative.

The fact that female prisoners could end up languish in jail even after this sentence has concluded or be forced to live in a shelter simply because a male member of the family does not wish to accept back is fucking madness.

I could never imagine or picture what they have to go through simply because their male counterparts are stuck up enough or selfish enough not to want to take family in, to give them shelter and food, give them love of family is backwards people no matter how you slice it.

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