Pre-Authorization Swindle

When one buys fuel – the company you go to be it Asda or Tesco usually ask you to pre-authorize an amount from your bank account to prove you can pay for the fuel, for years they amount was merely a pound, you would always get that amount back be it taking a couple of days.

That service, while questionable, didn’t really inconvenience anyone, though many simply wondered why the amount for the fuel was simply not taken instead in the first place, now – that amount has skyrocketed to £99

The “pre-authorisation charge” deducts money from the driver’s bank balance or credit card, although the money is never taken out of the account, it is held in limbo and once the cost of the petrol has been taken and cleared is when the pre-authorized amount returned to the card holder.

My brother and I were returning from a trip late at night and he needed fuel – we knew Asda was using the new system but found that Tesco also has started using it as well, a rather cheeky scam at the Asda pumps though do not advertise the change in amounts and is leaving many people being caught out.

Thankfully my brother and I hit Morrisons, who had not issued the change of amounts and rumour has it will not be switching to the new system

And as you would naturally assume, the new rules have already been met with furious complaints, as some people have yet to and still are waiting for the £99 charge to be cleared back to the customer.

Imagine you’re a single parent, two kids, you got £120 pounds in your account – you need shopping but you also need fuel, do the math because you ain’t going to have enough, the amount is people this is going to effect is staggering and in no way should the big superstores get away with this.

But for the life of us here at the Asylum, we can’t think of any good reason for them to do this, if it’s to protect the store chain from people who drive away with fuel and not pay for it, then surely these people are not going to pay with card.

Is it an interest thing, is the amount of money held in limb actually going into a holding account held by the store and the more money, the bigger the interest, are they simply doing this to gain more profit? – well no, if the reports are believed as they say the £99 isn’t touched by bank or store chain.

And to be frank, this only applies if you pay at the pump – so this is going to funnel everyone to a store with a manned station so they don’t end up paying at the pump, so as far as we can tell, this is only going to hurt the store in question

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