Round Two Of Pointless Problems But Who Cares

Some time back we here at heard about how vegans were kicking up a fuss about the new five pound notes have traces of animal fat, well whilst that group as piped down, round two of problems has reared its pointless head.

Thanks to a report I found, proves that thankfully I’m not the only one but you can read for yourself, my blog will continue after…

Start of Report

New £5 Note ‘Grammar Error’ Fails To Stoke Passions, Even Among Pedants, The Telegraph labelled it a ‘major grammar blunder’.

An unlikely punctuation row has erupted over the new £5 note following claims there is a “grammar error” printed on the currency.

The Telegraph ran a story on Friday with the headline: “The new £5 note has a major grammar blunder…But have you spotted it?”

It featured criticism from literature experts, who took issue with the quote from Winston Churchill which appears on the note.

The new polymer currency, which was brought into circulation in September last year, includes the famous quote: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

But it seems some have taken issue with the fact that this does not appear in quotations marks and does not include a full stop.

Initial artwork for the note originally included quotation marks.

The Telegraph quoted Dr Tara Stubbs, an English lecturer at the University of Oxford, as saying: “It is a bit peculiar because it looks like it’s the Five Pounds that’s speaking and not Winston Churchill. There should be quotation marks and full stop, definitely.”

She added that this was “condescending”.

Professor Alan Smithers, head of the centre for education and employment research at the University of Buckingham, also claimed that we are now living “in a post-punctuation world created by big institutions”.

But it seems few people were that fussed about the issue.

HuffPost UK understands the Bank of England has not received any complaints about the apparent problems.

Many Twitter users also failed to get too upset about the Telegraph’s story, with some pointing out the difference between punctuation and grammar.

End of Report

I mean are you kidding me? I do have a serious question on this whole argument, why do people even care? It’s not like your fucking going to frame the bloody thing, those kicking up a fuss needs to get a life, pipe down, take your fiver, go get a sandwich and just hand that son of a bitch off.

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