Sports Announcer’s Freedom Of Speech

While researching on YouTube to cover another, up-coming post we stumbled upon our featured video, which left everyone here at the Asylum speechless when we first watched, we ran the short clip back a couple of times to make sure we heard the commentary correctly and it was agreed that not only was it funny as hell (at least to us) but something we would like to see in every sport – more freedom of speech.

Yes, we think this is something that all sports announcers should be allowed to do, say whatever is on their mind, to be basically blunt when it comes to calling the action to some of the fans biggest sports. After all they have opinions too, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to express them, be it make them happy, sad, pissed off, laugh – remember they are just as passionate of the sport as any fan…

Now I would like to point out – and if you don’t read these words and blindly strive forward and cause any kind of trouble, in any way, shape or form, be it on your own head, if you don’t read, you are accountable – let me spell it out for you – this video is F.A.K.E, its fan made in the context of being created for a bit of fun.

We found it funny as hell and have decided to share the dudes hard work, so don’t lose your shit people over something that’s not legit, but something we’d like to see for real…for this post – enjoy.

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