Stupidity At The Plymouth Half Marathon

Disabled individuals are always fighting against abled people against stupidity and abuse against them and some rightly so but when you have people pulling this shit, it’s not helping the case, I find our featured video completely disgusting that the driver would take the risk of injuring anyone with this stunt.

The fact that she waved her disability card around like a badge of honour, thinking that this fact would clear her of any wrong doing is idiotic – the signs for the half marathon had been up in plenty of time for residents to see.

Maybe the excuse of being late was merely a ruse and that just wanted to finish the marathon in comfort and style – who knows? But one thing is for sure, she should be fined heavily and her driving license revoked.

One marshal said the “People were not happy with her, I cannot blame them as she could have caused a serious accident,”

One MP (Luke Pollard) said it was “very silly” in light of terror attacks where cars were used as weapons.

I’m all for disabled people getting what their entitled to, help should always be given – but this is nuts, I have to say well done to all those that stopped her not to mention for those that decided to run the marathon in full out costumes.

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