The Last Weekend: Round One

Round One: Saturday Night Karaoke Knockout

On a special visit to the beautiful Taj Palace in East Kilbride we find it packed with customers, Some were celebrating their thirtieth birthday, some was celebrating their twenty-ninth and even a group of children we in celebrating one of their number’s thirteenth…

So with a Mother’s Day announcement, It would be master of ceremonies, Gary Adams that would get us underway in the karaoke and with his powerful voice and love of singing, he would sneak in another before the mad rush descended and with a personal favourite song of mine “Forever Autumn” but I said I would give mention to all singers and pocketed the request slips

So…Singer – Song (these are not in order and have typed what’s on the slip)

Lorraine – Turn Back Time
Lorraine – Don’t Want A Lover
Karen – Perfect
Nikki – Who Knew By Pink
Lorraine & Garry Adams – Up Were We Belong
Maria – Marry You By Bruno Mars
Paige & Diana – Blank Space
Stevie – Dirty Old Town
Stevie – Me & Bobby McGee
Amy’s Birthday Party – The Nights By Avicci
Diana & Paige – Umbrella
Kenny – Fix You
Marie – But I Do
Doshie – Singing The Blues
Fiona & Lorna – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Alan – Money For Nothing
Karen Fleming – Budapest
Lorraine & Nicola – Paradise By Dashboard Light
Stevie – I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
Kenny – Wild Horses
Fiona – Domino By Jessie J
Maria – Drunk
Lorraine – Make You Feel My Love
Stevie – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down
Amy’s Birthday Party – These Days
Fiona – Rolling In The Deep
Stacy – Proud Mary
Amy’s Birthday Party – Uptown Funk
Alan – Great Balls Of Fire

Now with all those slips that I managed to pocket there were some that are simply in the Taj Palace so often for Karaoke they simply become regulars, so the master of ceremonies know what songs they want and a slip is not needed because for all those listed and all the great songs and singers that were there that night, there is one in my opinion was best… but funny enough it wasn’t because of the singing…

While the young man could sing with the best of them it was actually the passion he sang with that made it easy for me to pick him for “Singer of the Night”, a young man named Dale would stand and sing but would have every single person singing with him, he lacks nothing in talent and confidence whilst singing such songs like “I’ll Will Wait”, “Just Haven’t Meet You Yet” and would bring any party to life…

So to Dale and to all the Taj Palace karaoke singers, my thanks for the enjoyable Saturday night karaoke and I look forward to return to hear you all again

The Taj Palace in East Kilbride, a great place for great food, great singing and you have got to try their curries…

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