We Wish You All A Happy Halloween

We here wish to send a special message to one and all from our staff, from us here at the asylum, to those managing our relaxation centre over at MajorGamer, to those managing our Movie Theatre, even those managing our photography hobby wing over at MajorImago, we all wish you a very happy Halloween, may this special day be filled with ghosts, ghouls and everything that goes bump in the night, from the goofy to the nightmarish.

So get you’re cauldrons on the boil, your pumpkins carved and the blood running cold, the goosebumps raised, the flesh crawling and the brain matter oozing and have a truly great fright night, be safe and enjoy!

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When it comes to my asylum here at majormadness.co.uk, there are very little topics that are taboo, in fact nothing is off limits, this site is mainly here for me to rant about anything and everything, all that make me happy, sad, pissed off, etc. will end up at some point on here, see my staff page for more. Do I wish to cause offensive? No I do not, have I caused offense? Yes I have, because my posts fall under one of two categories, fact or opinion, often enough they fall under both so this is my website, my opinion, if you don’t like, I thank you for your visit and request you find the nearest exit. Thank you for visiting…