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What The Fuck Is Your Hurry?

At least once a week, my brother and I take the journey down south for a meeting, and always, without fail, we drive up against a certain type of driver on the roads, week after week, we’re guaranteed to get some jackass bombing it down the road like there’s a lit missile stuck in the exhaust pipe.

Speeding and over taking on narrow roads, sometimes even with oncoming traffic, doing so on hills and corners, what the fuck is your hurry? It’s late at night, pitch black, pot holes and wild animals crossing all over the place and you want to gamble your live away and that of any potential passengers because you’re in a fucking hurry.

However, my brother and I are always completely cracked up when karma comes to put a dampener on things, usually in the form of red lights and/or roadworks and the driver is forced to stop and we end up parked behind them.

So they’ve put on all that power, all that speed, put themselves and us and other drivers in danger and all they’ve gained from it is that their parked in front of us at the lights instead of behind – well done you fucking muppets, I swear these people are on crack or something, they get behind the wheel of a car and instantly think that they are in a fucking GTA game.

When are you freaking assholes going to learn that this a gamble you’re only going to lose once, there’s no fucking reset button should you get this wrong, so why do you need to pull such antics for such little gain, especially when the ultimate price of losing is a one way trip to for an internal body search by a mortuary professional.

So why take the risk?

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